A bit puzzled about how to reach Catania city centre by public transports?
Wondering how tricky could it be to move from and get to Catania?
Well, it’s not so difficult,if you come from the surrounding areas and it’s much easier than moving from a part of town to another one, unless your destination is close to one of the few but efficient subway stops.


If you come by plane, then it’s superfast and easy.

Alibus is a special city line serving the city center from Catania Airport. Catch it right at the exit of Vincenzo Bellini airport.

There’s one every 25 minutes and it gets right into  the heart of Catania in about 10 minutes for a €4 ticket that you can buy on the bus itself.

Jump down at the stop named ARCHI,  follow the marine arches to the left and in a five minutes walk you’ll be in Piazza Duomo and at the fish market.

In front of you you’ll see the remnants of the ancient city walls hiding one of the most characteristic neighborhoods, the baroque and folk Civita.

Alibus goes on for other 14 stops, reaching after Archi the Central Station and then the most central areas of Catania before going back to the airport and start a new ride. Here’s a link to its map.

If you need to go directly to Southern Sicily, fo example to Siracusa, after landing in Catania, Archi is also the nearest stop to the Bus Station in Piazza Borsellino. Yet many regional buses stop right at the airport, so check with the bus company.

If you need to reach Northern Sicily, or Taormina, then jump out at the second stop, Stazione Est, right in front of the Central Station. Then cross the square and you’ll immediately find the bus station.


The central station is at a quite short walk to the city center and just one subway stop away from via Etnea and piazza Stesicoro, where many city buses stops going almost everywhere.



Central Station and Piazza Stesicoro are in fact two of the main hubs for city buses. 

If you wish to reach Piazza Duomo, just cross the street when you walk out of the station and walk to the left side of the square where you’ll see an orange sign for the bus stop “STAZIONE OVEST”, Catch number 2-5 and jump down at the stop Civita, or S.Placido or Borsellino. Otherwise, you can just walk for 15 minutes on the Passiaturi, a beautiful prom in town, passing by the railway and the sea. 



There are two main regional bus stations:

near the Cathedral, the Fish Market, the statue of the Elephant (In Catania we call it u’ Liotru) and the southern and most central part of via Etnea.

Many city buses stop and leave from there, especially number 534, if you wish to reach the gorgeous villages of Acitrezza and Acicastello, on the Riviera dei Ciclopi, just out of town (20 minutes ride about).


in piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, and the adjacent  via Archimede, Ticket office in via D’Amico, behind the square.  

From both via Archimede-Central Station and Piazza Borsellino Bus Station you can reach the main Southern and Western Sicily towns, as Siracusa, Ragusa, Noto, Modica (Interbus bus company)  Palermo (Sais).



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