Hints of Catania neighborhoods

Between the Port and Piazza Duomo, Civita is probably the most beautiful area in the historical centre of Catania. Walking along via Vittorio Emanuele II, you will see the typical expression of Eastern Sicily late baroque architecture.

Quartieri di Catania

Piazza Duca di Genova e il Duomo oltre palazzo Biscari

Some of its sumptuous buildings have been restored in the last years, with their rich façades and secret courtyards, while other show a decadent beauty, melting smog with basalt in their black walls.

Palazzo Biscari, Palazzo Valle, Palazzo Platamone are excellent samples of the magnificent reconstruction of Catania after the earthquake that in 1693 destroyed many parts of town.

Fishermen and noble families, clergymen and traders have been living here for centuries, close to each other in this amazing site made of ample and regular squares and narrow streets with basalt, black pavements. Amazing churches look onto rich noble dwellings and narrow alleys where folks lived.

The area is lively during the day and at night, thanks to the many cafés and restaurants offering a wide choice of places where having a rich meal or just a cup of coffee, a beer or a glass of wine.

It’s also quite easy to find a beautiful holiday apartment to rent in this area and we must say that we would choose Civita if we had to spend some days in town.

Well, we have actually chosen it to open our traveller’s station and not by chance. Civita is the first neighborhood that visitors meet when they come from the airport when coming from the port and passing through piazza Duca di Genova or LArgo XXVI

The Alibus  stop Archi is the most convenient to visit the old town and the most interesting historic sites in Catania, since just on the opposite side of via Cardinale Dusmet, behind the ancient Walls of Charles V you’ll meet the  baroque faces of our dramatic and decadent architecture. The historical centre and very heart of Catania, well different yet melt with the partying area past the Opera Theater  will be at your feet and you’ll be able to reach every significant corner of the rest of the old town in a pleasant walk.

Archi, at the entrance of the Port, are the Marine arches on which train pass over town facing onto the sea. Eternal unfinished job, struggling between the sports and leisure attitude and commercial and industrial one, Catania port is still a place worth a visit for different reasons.


If you like laying lazy in the sun, enter the port in front ofi via Calì, walk left and East towards Molo di Levante and have a coffee, granita, beer or Negroni at Banchina 19, a kiosk with sitting area and outdoor lounge where many locals after sailing or hanging out spend a couple of hours on weekend mornings and many stop at lunch.

That is nice to do yet the reason why you should climb up to the Molo di Levante is another one: walk up to the Molo, the pier past the kiosk up the stairs and absorb the astonishing beauty of the Volcano facing the Ionian coast all embraced in a painting right in front of your eyes.

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