Piazza Cardinale Pappalardo (former piazza Duca di Genova), 6
95131 – Catania

Traveler’s assistance

A place to stop by when you get to Catania, where you can ask any info or oddity about town and its surrounding, where you can plan your itinerary through Catania or your journey through Sicily. Ask for bus timetable, trains, ferries and all transports available in Sicily. We can do the easiest thing as calling a taxi for you or help you to find what you need, as a doctor, a tailor, a sailor or a public office. If you have any issue and don’t know how to fix it, if you look for someone speaking a good English and who can help you, just come and ask.

All travelers are welcome and we’ll be happy to help you.

Here you can charge your phone or device, browse the web, use our wi-fi, print your boarding pass.

You can ask about the best shopping areas, best food, best what-you-need. Not only tourist information but all you might need while traveling and all those things you don’t find on a guide-book.

Have a drink, grab a map, chat with other travelers.

If you look for an accommodation in Catania, a transfer, a guided tour, and any other travel amenity, please contact us any time.

We always answer and usually we do it very quickly. Send us a message or come and visit us.


We don’t know everything about Sicily and Catania but we definitely know how to search and how to find.

We are locals yet travelers and know what travelers need.

We speak your language and taking  care of your luggage is not our only aim.

We love people traveling and want them making the most of their travel through Sicily or daytrip in Catania and around.

We know many things and explored many secret spots of this amazing and beautiful island named Sicily.

Ask anything, we’ll answer.

Come to our place in the old town of Catania, send us a message or search and follow us on social media.

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